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Mini Food Processor Capsule

All in 1 Food Processor


  • 100% safe even kids can use it (with adult supervision, of course!)
  • Easy to wash and clean, you can use hot/warm water to get grease out
  • Makes food prep easier and faster
  • Suitable for preparing baby food and spreads (peanut butter, mayonnaise, etc.)
  • Takes up little space in the kitchen compared to HUGE food processors, blenders, and juicers
  • All in 1 blender, cutter, juicer, crusher, mincer
  • Can process meat, veggies, fruits, and also ice
  • One-hand operation, just press the top

No more chopping, grating, slicing and dicing. All it needs is a few presses to get food prep done! Whip up your favorite meals in no time! With this Mini Food Processor Capsule, whether you’re cooking for your family or yourself, you’ll be able to prepare your ingredients faster, cleaner, and safer.


  1. Open the capsule
  2. Remove sealing lid
  3. Secure the blade on the cup
  4. Put your ingredients on the cup
  5. Secure the sealing lid
  6. Secure the motor
  7. Press top to start processing



Consumption Power: 200W

Length of power cable: About 1m

Size: 11.8cm x 23.8cm

Component: ABS/PP/Stainless Steel Blade

Working Voltage:110V to 220V


Rotating Speed:25000 r/min


1 x Mini Food Processor Capsule

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