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Handmade Kalimba Thumb Piano


“After 2 months I have mastered the Kalimba! It has really helped with my anxiety through these tough times & quickly became my fav hobby. A pleasant shopping experience that truly changed my life!”

- Jasmine Daniels

The perfect gift for any loved ones! Handmade with love!

The Kalimba is a musical instrument from the plucked idiophone musical family. It is a predecessor of the Mbira that has been around for a millennia after originating on the Western Coast of Africa some 3000 years ago!

Even though it has been around for thousands of years, the sound it produces sounds quite modern. It creates a soft, pure hum that sounds rather angelic. Even with zero musical background, it is quite easy to pick up a Kalimba and create something that sounds relaxing and nice.

Kalimba has proven to be more than just a hobby, but a relaxing form of art. Easy to play but hard to master, this pocket-sized kalimba can be used in a park, on the water, or at home to fill your time with a healthy hobby.

Not only healthy for the mind to relieve stress, but it also helps with coordination and timing, helping your physical health to promote overall health. Professionally used in clinical studies for Parkinson's, fill your time with art and music instead of scrolling on social media.

Learn the art of Kalimba today!

Lifetime Warranty
Material: Mahogany Wood, Steel
Size: 7cm x 5cm / 18cm x 13cm
8 or 17 Key Option

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