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Mobile Phone Signal Enhancement Sticker

Instant reception BOOM!

Apply this Mobile Phone Signal Enhancement Sticker to exponentially boost your phone signal. Connect to your loved ones and friends even when you find yourself exploring in the middle of nowhere!

  • Quick signal boom - Once attached to your phone, you’ll feel like having a 4-foot antenna that improves your reception and even mobile data connection.

  • No dropped calls - This lessens or mutes the static when you’re in closed areas like elevators, cars, tunnels, and also in wide-open areas like mountains and a boat in the sea. Be able to answer promptly and understand the person on the other line. 

  • For advanced tech and dinosaur phones - It can work with any kind of phone whether it is analog, digital, or tri-band.

  • EZ installation - You don’t need to consult a professional to get it onto your phone. Peel and stick like every other sticker.


Package includes

1 x Mobile Phone Signal Enhancement Sticker

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