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Buzz Off Mosquito Repellent Stickers

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The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Off Of Your Kids


By tapping into a mosquito's natural instinct, scientists have discovered a way to deter mosquitoes by creating a scent that makes a mosquito think twice before landing. They were able to do this without using any harmful toxins or chemicals. Apply the patch, prevent mosquito bites, and enjoy nature and the outdoors this year!

Spend less time itching and scratching this summer and spend more time being kids, playing outside, and having fun without the worry of annoying insects!


Color: A variety of pink, green, yellow, and blue will be sent
Composition: Natural citronella essential oil + non-woven Fabric
Size: 11.5cm * 8 cm/4.53*3.14" (pack), diameter 2.5 cm/0.98" (patch)


10 Packs (60 Stickers) Repellent Mosquito Sticker
20 Packs (120 Stickers) Repellent Mosquito Sticker
50 Packs (300 Stickers) Repellent Mosquito Sticker

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