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Moto+ LED Headlight Extension Bracket

Easily mount motorcycle headlights & fog lights

LED motorcycle headlights are an incredibly popular modification for most motorcycle enthusiasts.  If you’re wanting less power consumption, more light output, and a modern look, you simply cannot go past a LED headlight. Introducing the most innovative way to install it is by using thisMoto+ LED Headlight Extension Bracket


🏍️Won’t Let Your Lights Down: These headlight extension brackets with a rock-solid grip and unyielding firmness will stand with you keeping your light in good condition. These brackets don’t know what it means to give up! On the trail and rough terrain combined with bad weather conditions, strong winds will attack your lights with brutal efficiency. 

🏍️Durable Construction:On the trail, there's no room for weak hardware. This extension bracket is engineered to be thicker and more durable than other headlight brackets. It is made of aluminum alloy and is equipped with rugged steel bolts - high precision, more wear-resistant, and not easy to rust.

🏍️Easy Drill-Free Installation: This headlight bracket mounts easily and securely to the shock absorber without the need for drilling holes. It comes with screws and semi-circular washers to keep the mounting clamps from sliding. Designed to fit on tubes with a diameter of 2.5 – 5cm.


🏍️Adjustable Mounting Clamps:These extension brackets are available in pairs or by piece. The bracket that reinforces the light bar at the ends can be rotated 360 degrees. Place the bar exactly where you want it and adjust the direction of the light beam as needed.


🏍️Universal Application:These Moto+ LED Headlight Extension Brackets are great for aftermarket off roads, motorcycles, scooters, electric vehicles, ATVs, tricycles, and other vehicles, to mount floodlights, fog lights and more.

Product Details:

Installation Diameter: 2-5.5CM (measurement with gasket)

Components: Aluminum Alloy

Package Included:

2 x Semicircular washer                                                                                                     1 x Moto+ LED Headlight Extension Bracket
2 x Screw

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