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MrCaddie Adjustable Pressure Putt Trainer


Keep track of your pace putting and pressure putting

Are you big on playing golf? Hit a perfect putting by using MrCaddie Adjustable Pressure Putt Trainer. It’s the perfect golfing device that simulates the exact conditions of putting into a real hole. It’s adjustable and allows you to practice different putting techniques and putter sizes to stay in the slots. 



  • Track your putting alignment and setup.MrCaddie Adjustable Pressure Putt Trainer is designed to adjust in multiple points. It assists you with checking your body, shoulder and eye arrangements for appropriate putting position. The multiple adjustable points keep track of your alignment and setup as well as various putter sizes. 
  • Practice your putting techniques. Build up the right putting technique by keeping track of your perfect putts.  Practice and keep track of your pace putting and pressure putting. This putt trainer will significantly improve your aim and pace like a pro. 
  • Designed for professional golfing.The innovative parabolic curve design helps golfers to track good putts and reject the bad ones. It has a return ramp for good putts and the micro target opens for the perfect putt and rejects missed or bad ones. 
  • Easy and convenient to practice on. Sizing at 3.93 x 1.18 x 8.26 inches, it’s easy to carry in your golf bag whenever you want to practice your putting. Our adjustable putt trainer is designed to be foldable and portable.  

Product Details:

Color: blue, green, orange, red, white                                                                  Components: ABS, acrylic
Product size: 3.93 x 1.18 x 8.26 inches

Package Included: 

1 x MrCaddie Adjustable Pressure Putt Trainer

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