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MrCaddie Golf Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball

With MrCaddie Golf Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball, you can train your eyes and develop timing and proper release on every swing! A training aid swing stick designed with a magnetic sliding ball that moves through the shaft. It helps beginner and casual golf players the accurate swing point and hit points.

  • Golf ball simulation. MrCaddie Golf Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball is a good ball simulation for practicing the right and proper timing of hitting the ball. It has an EVA ball that slides through and up to the tip of the shaft. Hitting the ball is as essential as learning the proper swing.  Practice hitting on upper and lower pole positions.
  • Develop accuracy and strength.Learn the perfect timing. See, feel and hear your swing release and keep track of your best hits. Familiarize and track the golf ball movement through the shaft. How you handle the club and setting up the starting point of the ball affects your swing and ball trajectory. This swing stick aid helps you to concentrate on the hitting point and where the strength of swing speed should go.

  • Keep your perfect form.No more overswinging. Keep correct body alignment and enhance the strength of your swing. MrCaddie Golf Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball allows your muscles to familiarize the form and alignment especially during the release. Your posture, grip and stance simultaneously affects the balls movement to the tip of the shaft and basically your swing speed.
  • Develop longer and straighter shots. This training stick increases your swing speed and maximizes the distance of the ball. Warm up or practice your swing at home with the sliding timing ball. Improving your timing also gives you better strength to hit the ball and send it longer in a straighter trajectory. 
  • Solid practice swing stick. Perfect length to attain proper posture. Designed with a magnet between the grip and shaft for better EVA ball movement. It’s a flexible shaft perfect for beginner’s swing practice. Made from EVA and fiberglass for durability on constant use and rubber grip for comfortable hold and swing. Rubber grip is 26.5cm, glass fiber shaft of 123cm and EVA made golf ball. 

Product Details:
  • Components: EVA, fiberglass, rubber
  • Product size: length - 126cm, handle 26.5cm
  • Product weight: 0.2kg

Package Included:
  • 1 x MrCaddie Golf Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball

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