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MrChew Leather Shoes Cleaning Eraser


Turn old shoes into new

Clean your leather shoes quick and easy using MrChew Leather Shoes Cleaning Eraser. It's an easy solution to remove greasy spots and stains from white, suede, sheepskin and matte leather made footwear. 


  • Cut through grease, grime and dirt. MrChew Leather Shoes Cleaning Eraser is specially formulated to clear out soil while keeping up the state of your footwear. Effectively and rapidly eliminate soil, grime, stains, grass, sweat, dust, and other little particles from your clients without utilizing brutal synthetic substances. 
  • Clean suede, matte leather, sheepskin and white footwear.  Clean all colors of footwear and styles Applicable to sneakers, athletic shoes, loafers, sandals, flats, boots and pumps made from suede, matte leather and white. 

  • Turn old shoes into new. Protect your shoes in every clean. The leather shoes cleaning eraser leaves reinforced protection and to your shoe’s surface. It removes stubborn stains and dirt even in hard to reach parts or most exposed areas like lace holes, heel, toes and midsoles. 

  • Cleans shoes like magic.Just wet, squeeze and clean. Reveal clean shoes without using harsh chemicals that could damage the materials. It’s small and light so you can put it in your bag, pocket, dashboard or sports bag for instant cleaning.  

Product Details:

Product Size: 7x2.5x1.5cm
Color: pink, transparent                                                                                        Components: Rubber, leather detergent, frosted granules

Package Included:

1 x Leather Shoes Cleaning Eraser

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