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MultiAccess Safety Work Apron

Are you a carpenter, electrician, or machinist who is tired of searching in a large tool bag for bolts, screwdrivers, or wrenches that you need?

End your worries and say hello to the last apron that you are going to need! Store any tools and keep them within your reach with thisMultiAccess Safety Work Apron.Finished with multiple pockets that makes it a must-have ergonomic, stylish, and heavy-use apron.

  • Waxed Canvas Apron: Crafted using a high quality 16oz waxed canvas that offers added protection for your cloth while giving the apron a contemporary look. Adjustable to satisfy a wide range of sizes for men and women. Apron measures 26.5" tall x 26" wide. Use it as a shop apron, tool apron, carpenter apron, woodworkers apron, garden apron, a workshop apron, woodworking apron and so much more.
  • Apron with Multiple PocketsThis MultiAccess Safety Work Apron is designed with 2 loops and 11 pockets to give you an easy access space to hold both large and small items. Store anything from heavy hammers to colored pencils and etc. Upper chest pockets are excellent for pencils, nail sets, utility knives or your mobile phone. Provides quick and convenient access to hand tools. 
  • Adjustable Workshop Apron: Working apron with seamless adjustable buckles. It can be adjusted according to your shoulder width to avoid shoulder straps from slipping off. Suitable for persons from S to XXL for both men and women. Easily clean this full-coverage utility apron with a damp rag. Or wash it with a soft sponge and cold water. Do not machine wash because this will destroy the wax in the fabric.
  • How to Adjust, Put On, and Takeoff:

To wear, just slide it over your head. Then, all you need to do is buckle it at the beginning of your work session and then unbuckle it and shrug it off when done. To adjust, simply fine-tune the straps so the apron lies comfortable against your front and sides. 

Product Details:

Components: Waxed Canvas

Size: 26.5 x 26 inches

Product Included:

1 x MultiAccess Safety Work Apron

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