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ArtMax Model Paint Portable Airbrush Compressor


 Great for applying color on models and crafts

ArtMax Model Paint Portable Airbrush Compressor works as a compact 0.3mm spray gun designed for multiple painting needs and can be used for different applications. Save your time from manual and hand painting your materials.  It’s compact and a handheld air compressor perfect detailed painting. 


  • Exceptional atomization spray.ArtMax Model Paint Portable Airbrush Compressor has a nozzle diameter of 0.33/ 0.01 inch which allows you to spray paint even in the tiniest details at 25 psi. It provides a denser and well-distributed spray at  10Lpm. It paints faster, covers better which saves you more time. 

  • Double action trigger. Work seamlessly with this air pump with 900 mAh battery. Chargeable and works continuously for 30 minutes. USB charging and chargeable using mobile phone charger. Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling even on long use. Easy refill system up to 7CC.

  • Versatile color media. Paint your crafts in your preferred color media. This compact airbrush is versatile and refillable with watercolor pigments, inks and dyes, acrylic, automotive urethane, lacquers and enamels. Perfect for different art and painting projects including model coloring and even automotive graphics painting.  

  • Works efficiently on other airbrush projects. Not just on handicraft and graphic painting but also artsy hobbies including face painting, nail painting, body painting, tattoo manicure and even can decoration! Multipurpose and can be used for different applications. 

Product Details:

Components: Aluminum
Input voltage: 8.4V 
Airbrush capacity: 7CC
Nozzle diameter: 0.3 mm
Pen length: 14.5cm/5.70inch
Size: 10x4.5x4.5cm/3.93x1.77x1.77 inches
Product Weight:700.0g/24.69oz

Package Included:

1x Air compressor
1 x  Spray gun
1 x USB cable
1 x  Manual 

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