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MVE 360° Rotatable Wristband Phone Holder

Access your phone and its features and buttons without the need to take it out from the holder. 

MVE 360° Rotatable Wristband Phone Holder offers 360 degrees angles for complete, comfortable and convenient access and use of phone in different scenarios.  


  • Access your phone from the most comfortable angle. Rotate your phone and adjust the viewing angle to which you are comfortable with. MVE 360° Rotatable Wristband Phone Holder allows you to freely adjust your phone on your wrist to the precise angle you want.  
  • Full access and open-face phone holder.Access all buttons and controls from your phone and its screen with ease. The open-face design allows you to navigate your phone without the need to remove it from the phone holder.  
  • Stable, slip-free and fall-proof buckle. Designed with shrapnel clip and u-groove buckle to help you to insert and hold your phone in the most stable and safe way. This allows 360 degrees smooth rotation. The flexible wristband added security in holding your phone in place. Move as much as you want, run your errands, or do any activities without worrying about your phone falling off. 
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable material. Your phone can sit comfortable on your wrist. Made from lightweight and breathable material for a comfortable wear all day long. Skin-friendly and breathable to prevent moisture build up on your skin. Do your activities and sports like running, hiking, walking or even staying at home or working in the office. 
  • Compatible with 4”0 to 7” mobile phones. Highly compatible with Android and iOS models. This wristband phone holder is compatible with most mobile phone models and sizes from  4” up to 7”. 

Product Details:

Components: Polyester
Size: Universal for any mobile phone

Package Included:

1 x MVE 360° Rotatable Wristband Phone Holder

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