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MYNX LED Wrist Strength Trainer Ball Spinner


Strength Training Ball Spinner

Train and strengthen your wrist muscles, relieve your stress, train your forearm using one small MYNX LED Wrist Strength Trainer Ball Spinner. This trainer ball strengthens your fingers, wrists, forearms, hands, shoulders and biceps by means of spinning in 100kg spin strength. Simple, small yet massively effective. 

Achieve that fast and powerful smash when playing badminton or tennis.


💪Easy resistance training for your wrist and forearms.A great warm up and exercise for players of sports that use a lot of wrist and hand power like golf, baseball, badminton, tennis and more. The 100kg spinning weight is a great resistance training in a simple yet effective way. 

💪Increase your grip power and improve wrist movement. Using MYNX LED Wrist Strength Trainer Ball Spinner increases your wrist and grip power. It’s 70x70x55 mm, compact, and portable. The torque it provides helps you train and exercise every muscle fiber from your fingers up to your shoulders. A few minutes with this every day and you’ll be surprised by your smash, swing or batting power. 

💪Reduce and relieve stress on your hands. This LED spinner ball is a great way to relieve your hands, forearms and shoulders from stress after a strenuous activity. It prevents injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and RSI. Designed with a computer balanced inner gyroscopic rotor. It’s automatic and spins to 15000 RPM without vibrations. It’s also a great stress and anxiety reliever. 

💪Exercise your entire arm and shoulder in a very easy and fun way. See how fast the LED ball spins and have fun exercising every part of your hand. It automatically starts by flicking it a few times and no battery needed. It’s a small unassuming training ball but is packed with benefits. Strength and muscle training made easy. Watch it light up in various LED colors as it increases its spin. 

Product Details:

Components: Polycarbonates, Zinc Alloy, LED
Product Size: 70x70x55 mm
Product Weight: 270g
Color: LED Blue

Package Included:

1 x LED Wrist Strength Trainer Ball

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