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Natural Juice Aluminum Manual Juice Squeezer

Make the most of every fruit juice on a single press

Drink healthy juices by making them from natural and fresh ingredients. Make the most of every fruit juice with a single press using Natural Juice Aluminum Manual Juice Squeezer. It’s a heavy-duty aluminum alloy single press squeezer, perfect for making fresh lemon, orange, apple, lime or grapefruit juices. Stable, convenient and designed with an easy squeeze lever for less effort and maximum amount result. 


  • Make fresh all natural fruit juice. Use Natural Juice Aluminum Manual Juice Squeezer to make your easy start of the day fresh juice. Using this fruit squeezer allows you to extract as much fresh and healthy juice in just one press. Start a healthy lifestyle by making good healthy choices. 
  • Take the maximum health benefits from fruit juices. Effective and efficient way to make fruit juices. Designed with a large capacity bowl for high yield juice extraction in a single press with less effort. The lever is non-slip and secure to handle with smooth squeezing action. Made to extract out most juices with minimal effort. Made from durable and anti-corrosive aluminum alloy. 

  • Get more juice with one squeeze. Get all the fresh juice in one press with less foam! Natural Juice Aluminum Manual Juice Squeezer is an efficient and very easy to use. It can fit more slices of fruit than other types of squeezers. Squeeze and pour so you can make a glass of juice faster and in no time. 

  • Mix and squeeze your juices all at once. Fill in the large 8.66 x 3.94 x 10.8 cm bowl of different fruits and vegetables you like. This juice squeezer can make your healthy juice drink recipe all at once. Save your time by squeezing them together and pour it at once through the spout. Perfect for health enthusiasts and people who like to make fruit and vegetable juices. Safe, ergonomic, safe to use and easy to clean. 

Product Details:

Components: aluminum alloy 
Product Size: 6 x 6.3 x 5.1 inches
Product Weight: 1.52 pounds
Color: stainless

Package Included:

1 x Aluminum Manual Juice Squeezer

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