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Non-skid Flooring Knee Pads

Non-skid Flooring Knee Pads

  • Fits knee sizes up to 22 inches circumference with criss-cross adjustable neoprene straps
  • Sturdy strap buckles that won’t come off easily when bending
  • Leather material provides enough friction between knees and surface preventing slips
  • Knee cushion when flooring, roofing, tiling, gardening, plumbing, carpet installation etc
  • Provides optimal pressure distribution and protects kneecap fractures caused by accidental knee falls
  • Comfortable and breathable thick inner silicone gel cushion
  • Silicone gel cushion springs back as soon as you lift your knee

The ideal "knee pads", settle and pad your knee from conveying your weight and raise your lower legs off the ground so your feet will not get sore! These Non-skid Flooring Knee Pads transform your knees into superhuman knees as soon as you put them on. You won’t mind doing floor work, crawling on-site, or working on your knees anymore, EVER! 


  • Components: 600D polyester fabric


  • 1 x Pair Non-skid Flooring Knee Pads

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