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OneStrip Advanced Paint Remover Spray

Save your time stripping and sanding surfaces for cleaning off layers of old paint. Remove multiple layers of unwanted paint in minutes by using OneStrip Advanced Paint Remover Spray! This paint remover works on automobiles, motorcycles, machinery, tools, railings, furniture, and other metal and masonry surfaces. A solvent-based and conveniently removes paint for easy stripping and cleaning.

  • Completely effortless paint stripping.Planning to repaint something?  Use OneStrip Advanced Paint Remover Spray and see its impressive results. It removes paints, lacquers, latex and oil-based paint in minutes. Repaint any machinery, tools, furniture or your car. Remove the layers of old paint in the most convenient and effective way. Strip every last layer of paint in minutes! 
  • Save time stripping and sanding. This solvent-based paint remover helps you save time stripping and sanding painted surfaces. It chips away at any upward surfaces. You can basically clear them off! Apply, let it dry and watch it unequivocally eliminate paints from the surface. 

  • Perfect for small repainting projects. Perfect for removing paints on molded, carved and intricate surfaces. Removes up to 12 layers of paints. Contains 100ml of Advanced Paint Remover Spray perfect for small repainting projects. It acts fast on metal, masonry and wood surfaces without damaging the original surface. 

Product Specification:
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Product volume: 100ml
  • Color: transparent

Package Included:
  • 1 x Advanced Paint Remover Spray

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