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Orchid Double Planter with Mesh Pot

Mesh Only

Be a proud #plantmama or #plantdad when you see your orchids thrive and flower beautifully with the help of this elegant and functional Orchid Double Planter with Mesh Pot!


  • 2-in-1 planter - The inner planter is a mesh pot that can be used for a lot of gardening purposes including aeroponics and hydroponics. The outer planter is a solid planter with drainage holes. You can use them together or separately.
  • Easy root trimming - Keep your plant from getting rootbound. Trim the roots at whatever point you see fit effectively without eliminating the dirt and replanting. Pull out the mesh planter and cut the roots that protrude from the holes.
  • No root rots- It provides maximum airflow and ample drainage. The roots will never sit on water for long periods of time.
  • Best for orchids, perfect for other plants - It has been praised by a lot of orchid lovers but it can be used for all kinds of plants from those with thick foliage to plump succulents.
Growth Technology Ltd 21cm Clear Orchid Pot - White for sale ...
  • Tall and elegant planters- Your plant will look more elegant and happy when it’s planted on this pot with a long body that goes wider and curves right at the top.


  • Solid pot 3 dimensions: (mesh inner) 18cm x (outer) 21.5cm x 25cm x 17.1cm
  • Solid pot 3 volume: 3L
  • Solid pot 4 dimensions: (mesh inner) 21cm x (outer) 24.5cm x 30.5cm x 17.1cm
  • Solid pot 4 volume: 4.2L
  • Components: non-toxic, food-grade PP
  • Mesh 1 dimensions: (inner) 15cm x (outer) 18.6cm x 21cm x 8cm
  • Mesh 2 dimensions: (inner) 18cm x (outer) 21.5cm x 23cm x 11cm
  • Mesh 3 dimensions: (inner) 21cm x (outer) 24.5cm x 28.8cm x 11cm
  • Solid pot 1 dimensions: (mesh inner) 13cm x (outer) 16.6cm x 21.5cm x 9.9cm
  • Solid pot 1 volume: 800ml
  • Solid pot 2 dimensions: (mesh inner) 15cm x (outer) 18.6cm x 24cm x 12.4cm
  • Solid pot 2 volume: 1.6L

Package includes

  • Variation 1: 1 x Solid pot, 1 x Mesh pot, 1 x Pot plate
  • Variation 2: 1 x Mesh pot

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