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Organic Rapid Rooting Powder

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Increase the speed of plant growth and revive dying plants effortlessly
with our Rapid Rooting Powder. An all-natural root hormone that assists with healthy rooting and accelerates overall health.

Good For Wet or Dry Usage 
Recommended 10 Packs For 2 Plants

Easy To Use

  1. Dissolve 1 Packet Into 2 Litres Of Water
  2. Dip The Root Directly Into Powder And Replant
  3. Spread 1 Packet Across Top Soil Then Water


Saves Dying Plants
The fastest way to revive a plant that is lacking sunlight or has been over-watered. Simply dilute one packet in water and spread evenly through the soil. If over-watered, re-pot your plant first.

Wet or Dry Usage
Use water like in the steps above, or simply spread the powder around the soil or directly on the roots like a fertilizer.

Improve Health, Boost Growth
By boosting root growth, you will create a healthier root and soil for any plant, improving size, germination and improving survival on dark gloomy days.

Wide Application
Rapid Rooting Powder works with all plants or trees to promote healthier, faster growth.

100% Organic
Our powder is made of auxins, which is a naturally occurring plant hormone.

1 Gram Per Pack
Recommended 10 Packs For 2 Plants
3 Treatments Per Plant

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