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Organizer and Storage Box Stick-on Wheels (Pack of 4)

Organizer and Storage Box
Stick-on Wheels (Pack of 4)

With our Organizer and Storage Box Stick-on Wheels, you can easily move storage boxes and organizers around when you modify them with these stick-on wheels. Painfully dragging and pushing heavy boxes around is a thing of the past!


  • Heavy burden, gone! - You don’t need to do the extra work of carrying things around when you’re cleaning or organizing your rooms. Push or pull boxes up to 8 kilograms breezily like you’re the strongest person around.
  • No modifications needed- No drilling or screwing anything into your boxes. Simply stick these wheels on to attach them securely into your boxes.
  • Sticks forever - These one-way wheels have a very strong adhesive that sticks there forever unless you deliberately remove them. 
  • Magically discreet - These are very small yet strong wheels that stay hidden under your boxes. People will wonder how you’re moving your boxes so easily when they see you pushing or pulling them around.


  • Dimensions: 1.8cm x 4.7cm x 2.4cm
  • Load capacity: 8 kilograms *NOTE: Please use within load capacity range
  • Pieces: 4 stick-on wheels per pack

Package includes

  • 1 xOrganizer and Storage Box Stick-on Wheels (Pack of 4)

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