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Outdoor Portable Windproof Clothesline


Our No-slip Outdoor Portable Windproof Clothesline is the perfect support to hang your laundry anytime, anywhere. The multi-grip design is windproof and keeps your holders and garments set up on a blustery day. Air dry your clothes outdoors without worrying about having them blown away. 

Windproof Non-Slip Clothesline – Zside


  • Outdoor and temporary clothesline. Dry your clothes under the sun. It’s safe, efficient and saves your clothes from unpleasant smells. It’s a perfect temporary clothesline you can set up during camping, swimming, fishing and more. Set it up indoors or outdoors where you don’t can conveniently hang your clothes to dry.
  • Windproof and convenient.Is it windy outside? Don’t worry about your clothes getting blown away. Made of high quality nylon rope that is windproof and rainproof. It’s thicker, firmer and has more holding capacity. Can withstand harsh weather.
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  • Lightweight and no tangles. It’s very lightweight and you can bring it anywhere. It has a stainless steel hook that you can fix on the support for secure set up. The woven nylon material prevents it from knots and tangles during storage.
  • Set up and adjust according to your clothesline needs. Set up a long clothesline. No-slip Outdoor Portable Windproof Clothesline is 16.4 ft long and only 0.14 lbs. It’s ultra light with strong holding capacity.


  • Components: Woven nylon
  • Colors: blue, pink, green
  • Length: 5m, 8m, 10m
  • Weight: 0.14lbs


  • 1 x No-slip Outdoor Portable Windproof Clothesline

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