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PCPix 360-Degree Universal Under Desk CPU Stand


Space-saving and an ergonomic CPU stand

Place your CPU in a practical and convenient location. PCPix 360-Degree Universal Under Desk CPU Stand is your heavy-duty CPU mount that can hold up to 22 pounds safely. It’s 360 degrees rotatable which makes it easier for plugging cables and USBs. A practical solution to a limited desk space. 


  • Maximize your desk and floor space. Making use of your under desk space is a practical and convenient solution to create more space on your floor and top desk for other things. Using PCPix 360-Degree Universal Under Desk CPU Stand, you can hold and hang the CPU under the table while still leaving a space for easy cleaning and safety.
  • Adjustable and rotatable CPU holder.Universally compatible to most CPU casings in adjustable height and width. Adjust up to 550mm in height and 235mm in width. Made of heavy-duty SPCC cold rolling steel, it can withstand up to 22 pounds of CPU. It’s also a 360 degrees swivel that allows you to turn the CPU in any direction for easy access or USB and cable ports. 
  • Mount CPU without scratches and damage.Made of sturdy steel but also designed with protective paddings. The mounts have protective paddings to ensure that the PC is mounted without leaving any damage or scratches on its surface.  
  • Ergonomic design for better productivity. Space-saving and an ergonomic solution to improve your work proficiency. Clear up the CPU on your desk and put in somewhere discreet but also accessible - under the desk.  Keeping a tidy and clutter-free workstation improves your productivity. Perfect for study room, workstation and home office. 

Product Details:

Components: SPCC cold rolling steel 
Product Size:  7.2 x 7.28 x 14.69 inches
Product Weight: 6.75 pounds
Weight Capacity:  22 pounds
Color: black

Package Included:

1 x 360-Degree Universal Under Desk CPU Stand
1 x instruction manual 

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