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PCY Anti-Heat Thawing Plate


Save your pan from scorched stains

Save your pan from getting burned. Introducing PCY Anti-Heat Thawing Plate, can accelerate the thawing process for rapid defrosting, keep food fresh, and save time defrosting while keeping flavor intact without having to use hot water or preheating. This distributes heat evenly. 


  • Protect your pot. With this heat-conducting plate, the inside of the pot is evenly heated, so you don't have to worry about the liquid splashing in the pot to extinguish the flame. Coated for easy cleanup. Prevent the bottom of the pot from scratching black.  

  • Save time defrosting. The defrost tray is 6-9 times faster than the natural thawing speed, reducing the defrosting time. Just place the frozen food on top, automatically thaw, no electricity, no microwave or chemicals. You deserve all the natural flavor and nutrition!

  • Premium Quality Material. Guiding Gutter design prevents food liquids from spilling out. The dense surface of the plate preventing oil. Made of non-toxic recyclable materials like Teflon Coating + HDF + Silver ion antibacterial coating. This is safe for the human body, suitable for daily use. 

  • Hassle-free use.You can simply wash to reuse again. Works on both electric or gas burners. Not only can rapid defrosting the frozen food, but also this can be a Heat Diffuser that creates a flat cooking surface, reduces and distributes heat evenly.

Product Details:

Components: Non-stick layer + Aluminum 
Product Size: 24 cm, 28 cm 
Product Weight: 930 g
Color: Black

Package Included:

1 x  PCY Anti-Heat Thawing Plate

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