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Pen Inductive Tiny Pig Toy

Pen Inductive Toy Pig - Valentino Toys

Let your child be creative while having fun with Pen Inductive Tiny Pig Toy. Draw on paper and let the cute little toy robot follow the lines. Watch how the little pig toy follows and moves along the drawn lines. It's fun and instructive - extraordinary for building up children's inventiveness and creative mind.

Pen Inductive Toy Pig | Mexten Product is of High Quality

  • Let your kid learn to draw.Now here’s a fun way to teach and encourage your child to draw. Our Pen Inductive Tiny Pig Toy has a pencil line sensor that moves along and follows the lines as your child draws. It’s like magic!
Magic Inductive Piggy – DILUSSOR
  • Boosts your child’s creativity and imagination. While the tiny toy moves along the lines, it also plays music and lights up its eyes. It’s entertaining and fun to watch while at the same time encourages your child’s imagination to make the toy move.
Magic Toy Inductive Pigs for Kids® – Best Gadget Store
  • Easy to bring around. All you need is a clean paper to get started. Small as 8cmx5.5cmx8cm, makes it very portable and easy to carry around to keep your child entertained during breaks, playtime or travelling. It’s also USB car rechargeable so it continuously works even while on the road.
  • Safe for kids to use. Made from eco-friendly ABS, bright colored plastic and electronic components. It’s small but sturdy and works for hours. It’s an endless fun toy for your child.

Educational Creative Pen Inductive Toy Pig – Mofagift

Product Details:
  • Components: Eco-friendly ABS, electronic components
  • Product size: 8cm x 5.5cm x 8cm

Package included:
  • 1 x Inductive Toy Pig
  • 1 x marker pen
  • 1 x USB charging cable

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