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Personal Hygienic Portable Bidet

No toilet paper, NO PROBLEM!


  • Personal washer for intimate areas
  • Postpartum care must-have
  • Non-toxic outdoor baby washer
  • First-aid for outdoor wound cleaning
  • 500ml capacity can fit handbags and backpacks 
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Gentle spray strength, squeeze to control pressure
  • Chemical-free, best replacement for toilet paper and baby wipes
  • Useful when traveling, camping, and picnics
  • Does not leak with “rubber-like” softness and flexibility

Clean up and freshen up with this Personal Hygienic Portable Bidet and don’t let yourself get caught up in the toilet paper armageddon! Not only does it get the job done, but this simple device also provides a more hygienic, cleaner option that helps you save up. It is safe and useful for babies, new moms, patients, and those in-hospital care.


Components: EVA

Nozzle size: 16.5cm

Bottle size: 16.5cm x 7.4cm

Capacity: 500ml


1 x bottle

1 x nozzle

2 x nozzle head

1 x nozzle head cover


Clean up and freshen up easily!

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