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Pet Grooming Gloves

These Pet Grooming Gloves are Best for dogs, cats, and horses!

Grooming will never feel like a chore. Put these gloves on and groom your pet while watching a movie and you’ve got daily grooming covered! Your pet always look well taken care of and loved! 



  • Shedding solved! - Brush the loose coat before it sheds on your furniture are carpets! It also prevents tangles and matting.

  • Comforting massage - It has soft bumps that provide a soothing massage when you brush across their body. It promotes blood circulation that results in a healthier coat!

  • For the big and small ones - It’s not just for dogs and cats! If you’re an equestrian, you can use it to groom your beautiful steed!

  • EZ cleaning - The loose fur will easily pull off from the silicone palm. To take care of the gloves, hand wash and hang to dry. Do not iron.

  • Comes in 2! - These gloves will be sent to you as a pair for your right and left hand.


Package includes

  • 1 xPet Grooming Gloves

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