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PetFlaps Auto-Lock Magnetic Pet Flap Screen


Self-Closing Automatic Pet Flap Door

Provide your pet its own convenient entryway at home using PetFlaps Auto-Lock Magnetic Pet Flap Screen. This flap door is self-closing and lockable designed with built-in magnetic closure to gives your pet more freedom to come in and out of your house without struggling through the windows or scratching the door. 


🐶Let your pet freely go in and out on their own.Give your pet more freedom to come and go of the house as they please. This not only makes them happy but also active. Your pet has the freedom to play outdoors or potty in its own convenience.

😺Self-closing pet door.Smartly designed for the owner and pet’s convenience.  Designed with magnetic flap closure for auto close whenever your pet gets in or out. It also comes with a slide lock that secures the pet door especially at night. Made of high quality ABS plastic and nylon for durability. It helps prevent scratches and damage from the door caused by pets. 

🐶Versatile and easy to install pet flap door.Secured by screws and built-in magnetic slides, your dog can have more freedom moving around indoor or outdoor of your house. Choose the right size depending on your cat or dog’s size. It’s easy to install and versatile. You can opt to place it on the main door, kitchen door, wall entry, patio, and even cupboard. All you have to do is measure the doorway you want to put it. 

Product Details:

Components: ABS Plastic, Nylon
Product Size:  (please include size chart)
Color: Black
Frame Size: small - 24 cm x 29 cm / large - 37 cm x 42 cm
Inner frame size : small - 26 cm x  20.5 cm / large - 31 cm x 36 cm

Package Included:

1 x Auto-Lock Magnetic Pet Flap Screen

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