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PHYSIO Finger Training Brace

Keep your hand in proper position even in recovery

Strengthening your hand and restoring your range of motion is an important part of rehabilitation after a hand injury. Rehabilitation of the hand after work-related trauma offers many challenging steps but you can make it easier with PHYSIO Finger Training Brace. This is specially designed for finger rehabilitation training, the functional exercise of hand thumb long tendons, prevention, and correction of the contracture stiff. The spring on the arched flat aluminum alloy frame can keep the fingers and wrist joints in a dorsiflexion state, and can also keep the fingers in the training state. Recovery should not be that hard. 



  • Provides more strength and power.Isolates and exercises each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance. It lets you exercise each finger individually or the entire hand. Develops outstanding hand, wrist, and forearm strength.


  • Stronger, healthy hands for everyone.This can target the weakest parts of your grip and give you better strength and endurance. Your little and ring fingers tend to be weaker than your fore or middle fingers and with it, you can train each individually.


  • Helpful to shape your wellness and recovery.This works alongside physical therapy to help recovery from surgery, trauma, stroke, nerve damage as well as protecting against repetitive strain injury, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. Exercising hand muscles and joints helps support these vitally important joints and keep them healthy.


  • Widely Applicable. This is suitable for patients with hemiplegia dysfunction, athletes who injured their hands, patients who suffered from strokes. This trains your wrist and fingers. Allows you to improve muscle strength, and increase in the related parts of the joint range of motion.

Product Details:

Components: Aluminum Bracket + Tension Spring
Product Size: One size
Product Weight: 409 g
Color: Silver + Black

Package Included:

PHYSIO Finger Training Brace

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