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Magic Moon LED Mirror

This Mirror Turns Into An Illuminated Moon

  • Instantly add an Aesthetic touch to your Room
  • Can use as a Normal Mirror during the day
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  • The Perfect Gift For Your Wife Or Kids

Add a touch of modern aestheticto your room with our Magic Moon Mirror. This beautifully designed mirror will completely change the look of your room. This is the only mirror that will make your fantasy dreams come true.



With the light turned off it is a beautiful minimalistic mirror,with the light turned on it is a soft glowing ambient moon. Instantly transform any bedroom, office, or living room.



 Let your imagination take you away every night. The LED's behind the mirror go unnoticeable during the day, so it will only look like a mirror to your naked eye. Once turned on is when the magic is revealed



Hanging this beautiful decoration in your room will not disrupt your sleep as the LED's emit a low light perfect for a soft relaxing atmosphere. Let the moon take you away every night.


Dimension of Moon Mirror is 20cm(diameter).

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