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Poly Nail Extention Gel Kit



    You won’t struggle to try to use our poly nail gel kit. The instructions for using the extension gel are detailed and yet simple to understand. No need to worry about messiness either, as our extension poly nail gel is easy to apply.
    For better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can make the nail last much longer. What's more, you can refill your nails about every two weeks when the renew cuticle area grows.
    With this, all in one Poly Nail Extention Gel Kit, save your time and money for nail salon, and you can create various ornate and beautiful extension nails or other nail art designs. Just bring your nail salon home.
    Poly Nail Extention Gel Kit dry very fast, the curing time for the LED lamp is only 30-60s and UV Lamp is 2 mins. It's stronger, more flexible, easier to control than other nail extensions. It's lighter than acrylic or UV builder gel when you do the nails, it seems like you wear nothing on your nails. It makes your nails look natural, with pretty length and neatness

    Extend your nails easily with the dual forms

    1. Clean and file your natural nails.

    2. Apply base coat and cure it.

    3. Squeeze poly nail gel on dual forms.

    4. Apply poly nail gel evenly.

    5. Remove the dual forms.

    6. Apply top coat and cure it

    Apply as an overlay.


    Make poly nail gel with nail forms

    If you are skilled at using nail extension kits, you can also use nail forms to create nail art.

    1. Apply the nail forms.

    2. Apply base gel and cure it.

    3. Squeeze some poly nail gel on nail forms.

    4. Form it to the length, thickness, and shape you like and cure it.

    5. Apply top gel and cure it.

    Paint gel or regular nail polish over the product.


    Make nail extension gel paste drill

    1. Squeeze some poly gel on nail forms.

    2. Choose the drill you like to put on your nails and cure it. 

    3. Or protect your weak nails, applying poly nail gel directly as a cover is a wonderful idea.

    Carve some beautiful patterns with poly nail gel.

    Using Methods


    • Gel
    Package Contents
    • Poly Nail Extention Gel × 1
    • Dual-headed Pen × 1
    • Nail Drying Baking Lamp (Pink/ White)× 1
    • Nail Film × 100

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