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PoreCleanser™ Pro

Get That Confident, Clear Skin Glow!

Reduce blackheads and cleanse your pores easier than ever, PoreCleaner Pro uses a safe, strong suction that sucks the gunk and blackheads out of your pores. Make your skin feel refreshed.

How Does it Work?

This special designed vacuum treats skin with a suction treatment, removing dirt and oils while also improving blood circulation in the skin. It helps unclog comedones which is just a fancy word for clogged hair follicles that get bigger and bigger when left untreated on the skin


Safe, Advanced Design: Designed to help clean pores in a non-invasive harmless way.

Convenient, Easy To Use: Comes with a USB charger so you can easily use it at home or while on the go.

Works On All Skin Types: No matter what the skin type, rough, smooth, wrinkly, dry, or sensitive our Vacuum Pro will be a benefit to your skincare routine.

Multiple Heads For Different Uses: Comes with 4 different heads that will suit any of your needs

Head Types

Diamond Head: Scrubs and exfoliates skin with average suction which can help reduce wrinkles without damaging the skin.

Large Circular Head: Strong suction. Removes blackheads effectively while promoting blood flow and lymphatic circulation, allowing the skin to rejuvenate.

Small Circular Head: For those more specific places, like behind the ears or either side of your nose.

Oval Head: Used on more firm areas like around the mouth or eyes to help prevent fine wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

How to Use

Step 1: Be sure to use after a warm shower or after cleaning with a warm cloth to open pores for maximum effectiveness.

Step 2: It is best to not remain in one spot for more than 5 seconds when using the device, it works best when being massaged around on the skin.

Step 3: After use, close pores by gently patting down the face with a cold cloth or towel and apply facial moisturizer when finished.

Package Includes


    1 x PoreCleanser Pro
    4 x Different Heads
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Sponge
    4 x Silicone Rings
    1 x User Manual

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