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Portable Chainsaw Sharpener with Filing Guide

Chain Pitch

You wish you had this sooner!

You’ll never need to bring your chains to the shop again for sharpening when you have thin Chainsaw Sharpener with Filing Guide! Use it to sharpen your chains at home or on-site and they’ll cut through wood like it’s butter.


  • No more crooked cuts - You will not waste lumber and great wood any longer in light of lopsided cuts. When your chain is entirely honed by this device each slice will be to your satisfaction.

  • Perfect even for a first-timer - No need for beginner’s luck! This sharpener comes with a filing guide. You’ll get the perfect angle and depth every time.

  • Longer lasting chains - A motorized sharpener files too much and eats the chain up. This tool gives your chain a longer shelf life.

  • Sharpened in under 15 minutes! - This tool is durable and reliable when you need a quick sharpening. New users have reported having sharpened their chainsaws in less than 15 minutes, you can, too!

  • Less hassle, every time - Aside from not bringing your chain to the shop anymore and it’s ZERO learning curve, this tool allows you to sharpen your chainsaw without removing the chain and putting it back in the saw after. Ultra time-saving!


Package includes

1 x Portable Chainsaw Sharpener with Filing Guide

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