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BodyFlex 9-in-1 Foldable Push Up Board

Multiple angles and position press board

Exercise your biceps, triceps, chest and abs with help of BodyFlex 9-in-1 Foldable Push Up Board. It’s an innovative push-up system designed with multiple positions and angles that offers total-body conditioning workout. It’s color coded with 30 combo positions for complete core and upper body workout. Sculpt your upper body by targeting specific muscle areas. 


💪Workout different muscle groups. BodyFlex 9-in-1 Foldable Push Up Board is a press plug system that targets specific muscle groups while engaging your core. Workout your shoulders, back, triceps and chest muscles. Get a full upper body workout targeting different muscle groups. Perfect for weight training. 

💪Plenty of variety workouts. Do 9 different sets and 30 combos of workout. This press up board is designed with designated color for each muscle area  -  blue-chest, red-shoulders, yellow-back, and green-triceps. It has holes where you can insert the two non-slip  handles and follow through the angles and positions. 

💪Reap multiple benefits. Complete body exercise utilizing this push board offers various advantages including developing muscle fortitude, adjusting your stance, molding chest area muscles, weight preparing and obviously, consuming huge loads of calories.

💪Inexpensive way to workout at home. This push up board is an efficient way to get total body workout. Made from sturdy and eco-friendly ABS. It can withstand every workout routine. It’s foldable and portable so you can take in indoors or outdoors to do your exercise. No need to go to the gym or buy multiple equipment. You can start your fitness journey at the comfort of your home. 

Product Details:

Components:  Eco- friendly ABS plastic 
Product Size: 60.8x18.5x2cm
Product Weight: 1.3kgs / 2.86lbs
Color: Black

Package Included:

1 x push up board
2 x non slip handles
8 x non slip stickers
1 x manual 

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