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Postnatal Recovery Wrap


Postpartum Recovery Belly, Waist/Pelvis Belt – dashiroshop

Improve your well-being during recovery and wear your clothes more confidently. Snapback and be motivated to get into shape post-pregnancy by giving your stomach muscles the help and pressure it needs. Bring back your pre-baby body shape a lot easier using Postnatal Recovery Wrap.



  • Aids Diastasis Recti.A common condition to pregnant women is separation of the abdominal. Postnatal Recovery Wrap provides the support on abdominal muscles by keeping it in place and compressing during movements and activities.
Postnatal Recovery Midrift Binder - Pears Peaches
  • Alleviate lower back pain and posture.Diastasis Recti causes lower back pains. Reduce lower back pain and pelvic pain. It has a memory of cartilage and pelvic belt that supports posture correction and accelerates postpartum healing. 
  • Reduce swelling. Improves blood circulation and reduces swelling. The multi fastener belly belt helps your belly, waist, and hips to shrink down to normal size. Elastic, close to skin fabric and velcro straps make it adjustable for a comfortable fit.
  • Smooth and seamless silhouette.Wear your clothes confidently without bulging postpartum belly. The multiband straps are smooth and discreet which helps you fit into your clothes comfortably while giving you a smooth body silhouette.

Postpartum Recovery Belt – 40 Weeks


  • Components: Long staple breathable cotton
  • Colors: white, pink
  • Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL


  • 1x Postnatal Belly Recovery Wrap
  • 1x Postnatal Pelvic Recovery Wrap

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