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PRODryer Electric Clothes Hanger

Are you ready for the winter? With the snowy day, clothes are usually hard to get dry. The longer it stays wet, the worse it will smell.

The PRODryer Electric Clothes Hanger is not your average clothes hanger! It is all you need for a quick and effective clothes dryer to handle one to two articles of clothing at the same time. From soaked to dry in a short matter of time!


  • Quick-drying Control: Quickly dry clothes within 3 hours and the simple panel temperature control system prevents overheating, and shrinkage, or damage to clothing.This does not take up much space, need no special hookups, and speeds up the process without spending a huge amount out of your budget.
  • Special Care Functions: Our hanger has clothing care functions like moisture-proof, anti-mite, anti-stain, and deodorant. It can manage the dehumidification, sterilization, and anti-odor of clothes and shoes. Meet the drying requirements of your clothing and shoes during your winter travels
  • High-Quality Hanger: Made of flame retardant ABS, works on the rated voltage of 220V and power of 150W. Capable of blowing both warm and cold air, it shortens down the drying time for delicate clothes, sneakers, and socks. 


  • Multipurpose and Space-saving:Load bearing capacity of 5kg is suitable for all types of clothes, such as suits, jackets, dresses, underwear, and more. Carry it anywhere, easy to detach, and operate.  No more worries about wet clothes! Hang your clothes and dry at the same time with this innovative PRODryer Electric Clothes Hanger.

Product Details:

Components: ABS

Size: 42 x 12 x 15.5cm

Weight: 546g

Power: 150W

Voltage: 220V 

Package Includes:

1 x PRODryer Electric Clothes Hanger

1 x Instruction

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