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ProjecTRACE Reflection Drawing Board

Unleash your creative side with this ProjecTRACE Reflection Drawing Board.

Make drawing so easy with different images and drawing techniques even as a complete beginner! Combine your love for freehand drawing with the precision and power of digital design. Bring images from your device onto paper! Surely these amazing tools will only be limited by your imagination!

  • Easy Drawing Technique: A real quick and easy drawing technique! Just download the apps and reflect images on the board to sketch! Mirror an image from your phone or tablet onto a sheet of paper. Trace the outline and create your masterpiece easily. 
  • Premium Optical PMMA Lens: This board uses light to assist in your sketching or painting. It projects image reflection on the high-quality optical PMMA lens so that you can draw on any opaque material. The front and back sides of the drawing board also have both different projection effects.
  • Quick to Assemble: The bracket has two kinds of splicing methods that are simple and quick to assemble. It can support any device. Place your device and board on the included bracket to keep your drawing process stable and smooth.
  • Suitable for ALL Ages:Children and adults can easily trace even intricate details. It is an ideal tracing tool for all. Novice and PRO can take their drawing skill to the next level. Transfer digital images to paper, fabric and  more!

Product Details:

Components: Resin, PVC

Board Size: 13.5x20cm

Bracket Size: 10x9.5cm

Package Includes:

1 x ProjecTRACE Reflection Drawing Board

5 x Brackzarts

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