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Protect+ Kids Hip Padded Shorts


Total hip and buns protector for kids

It's normal for kids that they want to play outside and explore with their friends. Most would love to do roller skating, cycling and skateboarding which are activities that are prone to injuries. That's why these
Protect+ Kids Hip Padded Shorts were created. Protect your kid's buns and hips from possible pain, wounds or injuries!


  • Total Hip and Legs Protector: This padded short will shield them from their journey because it has a shock-absorbing sponge that protects their hips and tushies from any damage, scratches, or wounds. Let them make the most of their childhood and find numerous things outside.
  • Good Shock Absorption: Made from a polyester material blended with foam, nylon, and spandex that has good shock absorption. Warm, breathable with great elasticity that fit comfortably in your child's waist and butt.
  • Thick and Good Elasticity: These padded shorts are 2cm thick with close-fitting. A high elastic waist that doesn’t fall easily to make your child enjoy every moment playing outdoors.e makes.
  • Perfect for Any Outdoor Activities:It is great to use when doing some outdoor games and other activities such as skiing, skating, roller skating, skateboarding, biking and more! The best padded short supporter that will secure your child’s safety.

Technical Details:

Components: Polyester, Foam, Nylon, Spandex
Color: Black
Size: S:14-22.5kg,100-120cm/M:22.5-35kg,120-140cm/L:35-50kg,140-160cm

Package Included:

1 pc. x Protection Hip Butt Padded Shorts 

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