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Pucket Slingshot Table Board Game

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PUCKET- the world's number 1 game of speed accuracy, and unflappable nerves!
Any pucks that arrive on your side must be sent back before you win.

The goal is to get all your pucks in the opposing camp as fast as possible using only one hand and the elastic.  
In this frantic dexterity game, players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board by catapulting them through a small hole leading to the other side (the “gate”).


  • Intelligent Game. Instead of giving your kids gadgets that ruin their attention span and eyesight, this safe game develops their intellect. It helps them spark their adrenaline rush and cognitive skills.

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  • Numerous cognitive Features. It quickly develops eye-hand coordination and strategy thinking. It helps children improve on their cognitive usage and results in extraordinary dexterity.

  • Safe and Durable. It’s also built to last with its high-quality wood material. It’s absolutely safe for kids. 

  • Fits all ages. This game can be enjoyed by both kids and adults for its age-friendly strategy approach. It’s a perfect game for family bonding.

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Adult Version
  • Product weight: 1.2kg
  • Product size: 56 * 30 * 3.8cm
Kids Version
  • Product weight: 350 grams
  • Product size: 35 * 22 * 2.8cm



  • 1 x Board
  • 10 x Pucks

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