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Quick Desoldering Suction Pump

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The Quick Desoldering Suction Pump is specially designed to reserves the soldering process by melting and removes the lead with strong suction. It very well may be utilized to take the segments off the circuit board while not harming the segments and circuit sheets. It is uncommonly utilized for the substitution of incorporated circuits and multi-foot switches.

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How to use:

  1.   It uses 110v / 220V 50Hz power supply with 30W power
  2.   Turn on the power and preheating for 3-5 minutes
  3.   Push down the piston handle, point the tin suction nozzle at the soldering part; after the lead has melted, press the control button, the lead is being sucked into the cylinder
  4.   The lead suction device is equipped with two different diameter suction nozzles, depending on the thickness of the component lead
  5.   When disassembling the cylinder, press down the top of the cylinder according to the direction of the arrow, pull the cylinder and the handle apart at the same time, and the cylinder can be separated out; when disassembling the suction nozzle, spin it counterclockwise and remove it.


  1.   Check whether the voltage is consistent, too high or too low voltage is not conducive to use.
  2.   Before using, spin the cylinder and the suction nozzle tight to prevent spillage Otherwise, it will affect the suction.
  3.   Clear the solder impurities in the suction nozzle and the cylinder frequently, and add a little oil to the piston.
  4.   Every time after using, push the piston 3-4 times to remove the residual straw for the suction nozzle and straw's next smooth use.
  5. The suction device is strictly prohibited to install and remove part of its electric parts when powered on.
  6.   It's normal that there is slightly smoke due to heating when the first time to use the new suction pump. It will naturally disappear after ten minutes.
  7.   When using, a natural cooling soldering iron base must be equipped and the suction pen should be placed in the iron base.
  8.   If the power cord is damaged, to avoid danger it must be replaced by the manufacturer or maintenance department or similar full-time personnel.
  9.   This product has a ground wire which should be used along with a socket with contacts. 
Package Inclusion
  •   1 X Desoldering Suction Pump
  •     1 X Nozzle Cleaner
  •   1 X Replaceable Nozzle

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