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QuickDry Portable Clothes Dryer Bag


Keep clothes dry during this winter!

Winter is a great season but also, it's hard to dry clothes especially if you need that piece to be worn asap. Worry not, thisQuickDry Portable Clothes Dryer Bagwill make your clothes dry easily in just 6 minutes. Wear the clothes you desire and not miss out on any scheduled event you're trying to accomplish in your day. 


👕Quick Drying Clothes Bag:Give your clothes a quick-drying experience during winter or rainy days! Ideal for thin t-shirt, bra, underwear, boxer, and any other thin lingerie. Save your time from waiting for your favorite clothes to dry. You can also save on dry cleaning services.

👕Premium-quality Quick Drying Bag:Made of Polypropylene (PP) material that has high heat resistance. Safe and BPA free that is not harmful to your clothes and your skin. Dry your clothes easy in just 6 minutes with this QuickDry Portable Clothes Dryer Bag.

👕Great for Travel or Home Use:Foldable like a handkerchief that saves space for storing. Easy to carry during travel that helps you to easily wear the clothes you need. Enjoy wearing your favorite clothes dry anytime!

👕Easy to Use:Simply insert the quick-drying bag in your clothes and place the hairdryer neatly on the top opening and press the hairdryer to start blowing air. Elastic jet opening for hot air delivery for the convenient and quick drying process. 

Product Details:

Components: PP
Color: White
Style: Top + Bottom, Coat, Blouse
Size: Top 47x75cm, Bottom 50x53cm

Package Included:

1 x QuickDry Portable Clothes Dryer Bag 

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