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Ratchet Caliper Car Brake Tool

Ratchet Caliper Car Brake Tool

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  • Easy readjustment, reset, and replacement of brake pistons and brake pads
  • Operates using 360° swing to keep compression plates in place while retracting or spreading plates
  • Prevents misalignment of cylinders by spreading power in an equal way
  • Suitable for vehicles with floating & fixed calipers without integrated handbrake function 
  • Doesn’t damage seals, pistons, and cylinders. Built to last, made with (insert material)


Save yourself a great deal of hassle and time when working on brake jobs on your personal vehicles or when you’re providing professional services! This Ratchet Caliper Car Brake Tool is great for spreading parts evenly and pushing pistons back in - all you need to do is to crank the lever and you’re done.



  • Working Range: 40-70mm
  • Length: 230mm


  • 1 x Car Brake Caliper Tool
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