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Retractable Clothes Line Dryer

All Black

Looking for a practical, space-saving and retractable clothesline for a small drying area? This is for you!

Tired of not having enough space to dry your clothes indoors? The Retractable Clothes Line Dryer is a practical and space-saving solution to that problem. 

Get rid of those bulky and standing drying racks that get in your way in your laundry room. Make the switch to this quick trick!


  • Clothesline for a big family. A big family means more laundry and more loads to dry. The double layer clothes line gives you more space anytime you need it. Hang more clothes at the same time.
  • This is life changing.Tired of folding heavy racks and that clutters your laundry area? If you’re serious about line and air drying your clothes, you need this. Super easy to install and durable to hold a good weight of 25 kgs. It extends when pulled out up to 4.2 meters and rolls out in the way once done. 
  • No more rod that’s just an eyesore.  Subtle and space-saving. It perfectly aligns the clothes neatly across. It’s there when needed and not when you’re done. Just like an invisible clothesline No permanent rod or line strung across causing an eyesore. 
  • Make your life more convenient. It’s just practical. You can install it in any good drying area to dry clothes, towels etc. Mount it in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garage, or just by the window if you’re in a high-rise. Hang large sheets and more clothes as you need. Then retract it once all is done. 




Components: Stainless Steel Wire Line, ABS Plastic

Color: White, Gold, Pink, Silver, Black/White, All Black

Length: 4.2 meters

Weight: 960g

Dimension: Clothesline L-240mm, W-90mm, H-60mm

U-Shape Buckle 60mm x 75mm

Package Includes:

1 x Clothesline box
2 x Buckle
1 x Pack of fitting screws

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