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Reusable Double-Sided Gel Sticky Tape

The strongest double-sided tape ever made.

This one-of-a-kind double-sided sticky tape is designed to suit all your wall hanging needs. It contains super strong adhesive properties, the potential uses are endless! Easy to use, simply cut, the tape to the desired length, stick it onto a surface, and hang the items you want to hang. This tape will keep items firmly in place without slipping, and it can be peeled without damage to your walls and reused over and over.

  • A Perfect Tool For Getting Organized With A Wide Range Of Uses
  • Easily Removable, It Won't Damage Your Walls Or Any Surfaces
  • Safe & Non-Toxic, It Can Even Be Recycled
  • Wash & Reuse It, Saving You Money On Buying Other Tapes
  • Including 5 Meters Of Tape, More Than Enough For Any DIY Project!

Package Includes:

1x roll of double-sided gel sticky tape

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