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Reusable Halloween Face Mask with Activated Carbon Filter


Trigger goosebumps with this hyper-realistic reusable Halloween facemask!

Scare the sneeze away when you gear up with this Reusable Halloween Face Mask with Activated Carbon Filter. It keeps dust, pollen, pollutants, and bad microbes away to guard your sinuses and your health!


  • Realistic scares - Keep the Halloween vibe alive with these unique and hyper-realistic designs that are printed into the soft, non-irritating fabric that is perfect even for the most sensitive skin.

  • Carbon filter, activated! - With 5 layers, the carbon filter that accompanies the cover is demonstrated to sift through toxins and germs and assists you with taking in cleaner air. Studies likewise propose that carbon filter may improve lung limit and respiratory muscles.

  • Covers 50% of your face - Fitted comfortably, this snuggly covers your mouth and nose for zero exposure. It also comes with a filter pouch so you can change filters when needed.

  • Machine washable - You can toss it in the washer or if you prefer to hand wash, you can, too! It is machine stitched making sure it lasts a lifetime of washes.

  • Halloween gift special - Gifts aren’t only for Christmases. This is an excellent gift you can give your friends and family for an awesome pumpkin and goosebumps season celebration!


Dimensions: 26cm x 16 cm x 7cm
Activated carbon filter layers: Non-woven fabric, activated filter, efficient filter cloth

Package includes

1 x Reusable Halloween Face Mask with Activated Carbon Filter

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