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Reusable Jar Bags 【FLASH SALE - 60% OFF】


Kitchen Storage Made Stylishly Simple


Introducing our modern kitchen space saver. These practical and picturesque jar bags come with a mason jar image printed on the side. 

Coming in different colors and sizes, they feature an airtight zipper seal on every bag to keep your food clean and fresh.

The seal prevents moisture and dust from getting into the bag and contaminating your food, extending your food's shelf life, and preserving its freshness.

Most importantly, these bags are reusable, so you can feel good knowing that you're doing your part to help the environment!

Fresh Features:

Eco-Friendly: These bags are made from PE composite materials, are completely BPA free, tasteless, non-toxic, safe to use, and environmentally friendly.

Temperature Resistant: Resistant to both extreme heat and cold, they can be used in both microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers alike without damage.

Portable & Convenient: Perfect for transporting snacks on road trips, while camping, or going for hikes. They are very handy and extremely versatile.

Airtight Seal: With the built-in zipper seal, your food will not only stay fresher longer but will arrive safely wherever you bring it. The seal is so strong you can transport liquid without spillage.

The Environmentally-Conscience Decision

Say goodbye to wasteful, environment killing ziplock bags and other single-use plastics. Make the switch today to our Reusable Jar Bags.

Sizing & Packaging:

12pc Package Contains 4 Small Bags, 4 Medium, 3 Large, 1 Long
10pc Package Contains 3 Small Bags, 4 Medium, 3 Large

Small size: 6.1*4.2in
Large size: 7.6*5.4in

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