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Revo+ 12V24 Fuel Transfer Pump


Easily transfer fuel from one place to another!

Are you looking for a portable fuel transfer pump? Well, get theRevo+ 12V24 Fuel Transfer Pump and enjoy its amazing services. It is compatible with many fuel types and for this reason, is considered the best. From the external look of this pump, you will surely agree that the model is sturdy and features heavy-duty construction. This is guaranteed to be a long-lasting and reliable pump.


⛽ Transfer Pump Connections: The red click is used to connect to the positive pole, while the black click is to connect the negative pole.Carefully connect the positive and negative poles correctly to prevent pump damage. This transfer pump can make your pumping work easy. It is easy to use, features a strong motor, uses less electricity, has a durable construction, and is equipped with a long cord.


⛽ Portable Size:The pump adopts a 12V/24V DC motor. You can put the 12v plug-in a car battery or a cigarette lighter. Its diameter is 5.1cm, the length is 20.5cm, the outlet diameter is 1.9cm, and the connection cable is 5 meters with an on / off switch.


⛽ Super Durable Shell: Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy which makes it rustproof, non-toxic, anti-corrosion, and enduring. With a stainless steel filter, it makes the separated diesel (or water) cleaner and secures the engine along these lines making the pump life last more. It can be used to transfer oil, fuel, water, or any other liquids quickly and safely. 


⛽ Wide Application: Easily move fuel from one place to another, such as from an underground tank to a vehicle. This pump is also useful to refuel machinery such as tractors and equipment on construction sites. It works by extracting the fuel from the source and transferring it to wherever it needs to go. 

Product Details:

Components: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy
Head: 2 - 4 meters
Flow Rate: 30Li/Min
Diameter: 51mm
Joint Diameter: 19mm
Motor No-load speed: 4500 r/min
Cable Length: 5meter
Maximum Operating Current: 7Amperes
Length: 20.5cm

Package Included: 

1set x  Revo+ 12V24 Fuel Transfer Pump

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