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REYNA™️ Plasma Cutter Guide Wheel

Work your way in cutting plasma


No more crooked cutting and you can speedily work your way in cutting plasma.  This REYNA™️ Plasma Cutter Guide Wheel is the best tool to aid you in cutting straight and curved lines with speed and precision. The perfect guide wheel for two screw positioning for your cutting torches. It is suitable for the P-80 plasma cutting torch guide wheel


  • Cut straight and curved lines. This guide wheel is ideal for precise spacing and speed when cutting varieties of metal. It is heavy duty and will last a long way even after heavy usage!

  • No more crooked cutting. The versatile center mount allows you to center the cutting guide for the circle using either a punch or drill a hole. 

  • Greatest guide.You can effectively guide your cutting torches with this guide wheel made of high-quality durable copper that does not rust easily so you can use them again multiple times.

Product Details

Weight: 100g
Package Dimensions : 8 x 6.8 x 5.8 cm
Components: Iron
Welding current: 100A

Package includes: 

1 x REYNA™️ Plasma Cutter Guide Wheel

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