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RoboCar Wall Climbing Toy Car


Zero-Gravity Wall Climbing Race Car

Keep your kids away from gadgets and introduce them to another level of fun! The RoboCar Wall Climbing Toy Car offers interesting features that will surely amaze your little kid and he would surely fall in love with it. It can drive both on the walls and floors and can even do a deformation stunt as well.


🚗Wall and Floor Driving Function: This toy car can be played and driven both on walls and floor. It is equipped with an air suction set that can form a vacuum space at the bottom of the car. Gives strong adsorption that allows the car to drive vertically on smooth surfaces like running on walls, ceilings, window, floor, mirrors and closets. It runs fast on floors just like any other racing toy cars.

🚗Unique Transformation Function: This stylish toy car can transform on both floors and walls easily with 360° rotating stunts. Simply click the deformation button and this toy car will readily transform into your favorite robot. Give it another press to bring it back to its original form. This special function will give your child a wonderful gaming time.

🚗Remote Control Operation: Another awesome feature of this toy car is that it is remotely operated. The child can play this car outdoors without being there under the heat of the sun. The remotely controlled device has all the necessary functions to control the toy car. You can make it climb up the wall, drive on the floor or transform into a robot and back with just one touch.

🚗Prime Quality Toy Car: Built to last, this toy car is made with strong and sturdy plastic material toy car parts. Installed with electronic parts and devices programmed to perform different functions. It’s tough, crash resistant, non-toxic, and conforms with the highest standard in the toy making industry. Equipped with LED lights for a more beautiful gaming experience and lights its ways during dark times.

🚗Cool Gift Option: Kids will go crazy driving this beautiful and unique wall climbing transformation race car. Give your favorite kids as a gift on birthdays, Christmas, and special occasions. Come and let your child be amazed with the wonders brought by this specialRoboCar Wall Climbing Toy Car.

Product Details:

Components: Plastic
Size: 16 x 7.05 x 4.18cm
Color Option: Yellow, Blue, Red
Weight: 0.6kg.
Power: 3 AA batteries (Not Included)

 Product Include:

1 xRoboCar Wall Climbing Toy Car
1 x Remote Controller

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