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ROF Desoldering Wick Braid Remover


Correct soldering mistakes


Repair electronic components easily with ROF Desoldering Wick Braid Remover. Desoldering braid lets you easily remove the extra solder from components or pads on the circuit board. The desoldering wick absorbs solder, the desoldering pump pulls it away quickly, while the solder wick is better for small amounts of solder. 



  • Correct soldering mistakes. This is used to correct mistakes with small boards on PCBs, remove relays and other components from printed circuit boards, re-solder mechanical keyboard switches, unsoldering old wire from devices, desoldering computer parts such as a motherboard, clean alloy on SMD components, and more.


  • For long-lasting use. Made of high-quality PP, which makes the solder sucker delicate and durable, also the covered sponge can absorb sweat and heat, make it comfortable to hold, the nylon nozzle of the solder suck can endure high temperature, thus it can be used for a long time.


  • Well-crafted copper braid. This desoldering wick has geometrically-precise weave with copper and rosin, work from the tip of the desoldering wick, once the desoldering wick and the solder have been heated, the solder braid can quickly absorbed molten solder and left a clean working area.

Product Details:

Components: PP + Copper wire + Stainless Steel
Product Size: 100 x 48 x 18 mm
Product Weight: 0.81 oz
Color: Green

Package Included:

1 x ROF Desoldering Wick Braid Remover

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