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Roll-A-Cut™ - Wheel Wave Pattern Cutter


Need to make perfect wavy fabric cuts for your craft projects?

You'll love the Roll-A-Cut! Now you can cut decorative wavy edges on materials with very little effort!

We have constructed a lightweight, smoothly functional rotary cutter that operates with ease! The handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use for a long period. The blades are tough, precision-ground stainless steel and tungsten steel. DESIGNED FOR THE DISCERNING HOBBYIST.

VARIED BLADES FOR DIVERSE PROJECTS - You can order a pack that includes five blades of different types, offering a good variety to suit all kinds of craft projects. The pinking blade, the scallop blade and the wave blade can cut different styles of wavy lines. The skip cut blade leaves pierced dashes in material without halving it.

PERFECT FOR CROCHET WORK - The skip cut blade and the crochet edge blade are similar in function. They both make perforations in the material without separating the pieces. This creates a dashed line of little notches cut in the fabric. It is great for blanket stitching and for starting the first row of crochet. The crochet edge blade provides wider "skips" than the skip cut blade.

USE IT FOR VARIOUS CRAFTS & COMPONENTS- The rotary cutter can be applied to cutting wavy or perforated lines on fabric, leather, fleece, paper, felt, vinyl, plastic and many other items. It is ideal for many sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, patchwork, crochet and so on. You'll love having this in your crafting kit!

Cut wavy or perforated lines in fabric with precision. Get the Roll-A-Cut now.


Components: Stainless Steel / Tungsten Steel

28 mm Rotary Cutter Dimensions: Approx 145 x 24 mm

45 mm Rotary Cutter Dimensions: Approx 185 x 36 mm

Available Blade Diameter/s: 28 mm & 45 mm

5 Types of Blades: Pinking Blade / Scalloped Blade / Wave Blade / Skip Cut Blade / Crochet Edge Blade

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