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GCrafty Rotary Compass Cutter

No need for cups, pens and scissors for making a precise circle

 By Using GCrafty Rotary Compass Cutter, there's no need for cups, pens and scissors! This crafting tool makes perfect circles and round patterns in different sizes up to 6 inches in diameter. Use it for cutting paper, film, vinyl, rubber, leather, fabric, and more. 


  • Cut through many materials. The GCrafty Rotary Compass Cutter has a super sharp set of blades that cuts through the material in circular motion. Cut circles on cutting paper, film, vinyl, rubber, leather etc up to 6 inches in diameter.

  • Precise and accurate cutting. All you need is a flat surface to work on. Place your material, place the compass cutter and set your preferred radius size where you want the center of the circle. Push the lock button behind the scale and start moving the end of the compass to circular motion to start cutting. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise whichever you are comfortable with.

  • No need for messy measuring. GCrafty Rotary Compass Cutter is super easy to use. It’s a perfect cutting tool for all your arts and crafting needs.  Make perfect circles from 10mm-150mm in seconds! None of the tracing the bottom of the cup with a pencil and manually cutting it with a scissor. 

Product Details:

Blade Diameter: 18mm                                                                                            Components: ABS Plastic , steel
Product size: 21x9cm/ 8.3 x3.5in
Product weight: 34.9g

Package Included: 

1 x GCrafty Rotary Compass Cutter

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