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ROY Gel Flexible Seat Cushion


Provide comfortable soft support all the time

Say goodbye to those achy muscles with ROY Gel Flexible Seat Cushion. This seat cushion is with honeycomb design, the built-in, free-flowing air channels will prevent seat sweat and stay cool where you're sitting. With a groove in the second half, it achieves a better body pressure dispersion effect and can support the buttocks with zero gravity to reduce pressure.


  • Maximize comfort while sitting. It provides the right support for you! A gel seat support and flexible cushion that molds perfectly to the shape of your bottom. Now you can sit all day, even on the hardest chair, and still feel comfortable!

  • Keeps your lower body cool. This gel cushion features an elastic self-cooling gel material that maintains its original shape durably. And it won't lose its support even after a long time of use. When used for long sitting periods, it will continue to provide comfortable soft support all the time.


  • Promotes healthy posture.This provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure on the tailbone and promotes a healthy posture. Your bottom will stay cool from increased air circulation with a unique structure using the gel cooling technology.

  • Stay comfortable anywhere you want.It is compact, takes up little space, is easy to use, and is ideal for portability. Offices, schools, cars, as well as beds, sofas, floors, outdoors, etc., This can be installed anywhere you need.

Product Details:

Components: Silicone

Product Size: 38.0 x 30.0 x 4.0cm

Product Weight: 1000g

Color: Blue + Black

Package Included:

1 x ROY Gel Flexible Seat Cushion

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